The brand ORO LUCANO collects extra virgin olive oils, cold pressed and pitted,  produced from Vincenzo and Maurizio Crocco and the “Olearia Nivuori” Company. The olive groves are located in Basilicata in the municipality of Montalbano Jonico, in province of Matera, the area of the Metapontino, cradle of the ancient “Magna Grecia” (Megálē Hellás). 

Tradition combined with innovation, produce oils absolutely exclusive, with a low acidity and containing record amounts of polyphenols (from 200 to 560 mg per kg), It has been demonstrated that several olive components play an important role in human health. Among these components, polyphenols play a very important role. They are responsible for olive oil stability and sensory attributes. Moreover, they have pharmacological properties, are natural antioxidants and inhibit the proliferation of many pathogen microorganisms.