Producer: Maurizio Crocco
Location: Montalbano Jonico, Matera, Lucania, Italy
Altitude: 300 m asl
Area: 1 ha
Principal variety: Ogliarola
Sporadic varieties: NO,
Harvest: Intensive by hand
Pressing: Continuous “two-stage”cold pressing
Production : 240 litres (this year i can produce about 500lt)
Conservation: Stored in stainless steel
Packaging: xxxx 100 ml (3.4 Oz) bottles in controlled atmosphere
Quality control of oil: No quality control IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) regulations(There is not IGP for Matera district)
Organic Farming Certified: No (but we have chemical analysis that certify the absence of chemicals and pollutants)
ISO 9002 Quality Certification for: pressing, conservation, bottling, packaging

Color: yellow-green
Bouquet: fruity medium-intense
Taste: sweet-spicy and bitter with notes of almond, grass and fruits.

“VENTOMARE” Extravirgin Pitted Olive Oil Harvest 2015
Parameter January


IGP Toscano limits
Acidity 0.35 Max 0.60
No. Peroxides 12.60 Max 16
K 232 1,83 Max 2.50
K 270 0,142 Max 0.22
Delta K -0.001 Max 0.01
Polyphenols 238.00 mg/kg
Min 60
Anti free radicals activity 80 %

N.B. parameter values are compared with those prescribed minimum from IGP  of Tuscany region, which are more stringent and comprehensive than those required by European law.

Analysis carried out by: Studio Analisi chimiche e ambientali di Pierpaolo Capece, viale Jonio- Tinchi -Pisticci (MT)

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