Producer: Nivuori Maurizio
Location: Montalbano Jonico, Matera, Lucania, Italy
Altitude: 200 m asl
Area: 9 ha
Principal variety: Ogliarola
Sporadic varieties: NO,
Harvest: Intensive by hand
Pressing: Continuous “two-stage”cold pressing
Production : 240 litres (this year i can produce about 500lt)
Conservation: Stored in stainless steel
Packaging: xxxx 100 ml (3.4 Oz) bottles in controlled atmosphere
Quality control of oil: No quality control IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) regulations(There is not IGP for Matera district)
Organic Farming Certified: Yes. ICEA SOT Basilicata
ISO 9002 Quality Certification for: pressing, conservation, bottling, packagingColor: yellow-green
Bouquet: fruity -intense
Taste: sweet-spicy and bitter .
“Bio Ogliarola” Extravirgin¬† Olive Oil Harvest 2015
Parameter January 2015 IGP Toscano limits
Acidity 0.33 Max 0.60
No. Peroxides 10.20 Max 16
K 232 1,83 Max 2.50
K 270 0,145 Max 0.22
Delta K -0.001 Max 0.01
Polyphenols 227.00 mg/kg
Min 60
Anti free radicals activity 80 %

N.B. parameter values are compared with those prescribed minimum from IGP  of Tuscany region, which are more stringent and comprehensive than those required by European law.

Analysis carried out by: Studio Analisi chimiche e ambientali di Pierpaolo Capece, viale Jonio- Tinchi -Pisticci (MT)

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