The extra virgin olive oil Ventomare is derived from pitting and cold pressing of freshly picked olives by hand.  The olive harvest begins in late October and lasts for no more than 5 / 6 days.

The hand-picked olives are immediately brought to the Nivuori Company mill to ensure the lowest possible oil acidity.

Soon after milling, the oil is poured into stainless steel drums and allowed to settle for about six months, then is transferred into other drums and allowed to stand still until August when in September, clarified and without any type of filtering is bottled at the Nivuori mill.

Nivuori Company oils are derived only from olive of the farm, harvested by methods environmentally friendly plants and fruits.

Extra virgin olive oils are the result of phases of processing extremely accurate and hygienically unobjectionable to safeguard its integrity.

  • The high standard of product quality is maintained through without retention policies such as: insulated room temperature never below 2 ° Celsius; use of stainless steel food containers, rigorously filled to the brim and sealed placed under nitrogen (inert gas that preserves the organoleptic and sensory) to avoid contact with disturbing factors such as air, water, light.

These rules are necessary to preserve the high number of polyphenols content in the oil.


The Nivuori company mill is a modern installation, the last of the Amenduni manufacturer, The mill is a continuous cycle one,  to process 40 tons of olives per hour.

The mill can work even at very low temperatures 1 ° Celsius, ensuring the final quality of the oil.

The mill can pitted olives with a machinery “Clement” or breaking the olives with a hammer crusher appropriately regulated by an inverter that allows, as shown by studies at the University of Bari (Faculty of Agricultural Sciences) to have the same impact on oil as the ancient millstone, lowering the number of turns of the mill about 30 rpm.

Once the pulp of olives, pitted or whole, is passed to the second transaction in special kneader.

The kneading is a delicate step, since the dough is processed again, stirring at very low temperatures due to the characteristics of the machines. Doing so you reduces the volume of the dough itself, break the oil and water emulsions which were formed during the crushing thus favoring the subsequent extraction phase. The extraction is the most important of all processing.

That used by the Nivuori mill is a continuous cycle with spin: the dough is fed into a decanter (horizontal centrifuge) to two or three outputs adding water (10 to 20% by weight of the olives) at controlled temperatures.