Scientific research has shown experimentally that the quality of oils extracted from pitted olives is higher than the corresponding oils obtained from whole fruit. If the olives are harvested during partial ripening and start milling to within twelve hours later, using the two-phase extraction technology (without the addition of hot water during kneading) the highest quality of the oil is related to the following parameters:

• acidity and peroxide lower values;

• Increased amounts of polyphenolic substances in oil;

• Increased resistance to oxidation and better preservation of oil over time;

• oils are more balanced with a lot of aromatics features.


The oil APHRODITE and VENTOMARE, obtained through extremely accurate phases of milling and conservation, to preserve the integrity of the oil, are rich of polyphenols. A great extra virgin olive oil contains 100 to 250 mg. of polyphenols per liter; our pitted extra virgin oils have more than 500 mg/kg.


The polyphenols antioxidant activity plays an important role in the stability of ‘olive oil, as there is a correlation between the amount of total polyphenols and resistance in time to oxidation (rancidity), that their effect is to oxidize instead of fats during time.

From chemical analysis it was possible to highlight the clear difference of polyphenols between an oil from normal processing and a pitted extra virgin olive oils.
Thepit of oliv  contains a number of enzymes, which trigger a series of different metabolic processes, that limit its use over time “. (Natale Frega http://www.teatronaturale.it/articolo/374.html)

Due its low enzyme levels, pitted extra virgin olive oils are longer preserved .

Their amount depends on the type of cultivar and the harvest time (more in green olives).
Polyphenols are macromolecules containing phenolic units connected with various kinds of radicals: “oleuropeina” , “idrossotirasolo” .  Polyphenols are most active than E vitamin , have antioxidant activity in the human body; antiherpes activity, antiplatelet.  The presence of polyphenols  in an oil  is felt by a bitter  and pungent taste, but also by a fruity taste.
The polyphenols contained in the oil according to the researchers are ” food for thought”, very important, as they keep the brain young.
The intake of this substance in the body slows down the aging of the nervous system, one of the major causes that lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
There are many characteristics of the polyphenols:

  1. Antioxidant: protects cells from free radicals damage , which are developed through the normal cellular metabolism, and because of stressful events, such as radiation, smoke, pollutants, UV radiation, emotional and physical stress, chemical additives and virus and bacteria attacks ;
  2. Anticancer: shows an impact on the ‘beginning of the development of cancer by protecting cells against the direct attack by carcinogens and altering their activation mechanism. Many studies have shown a reduction in certain types of cancer (skin, lung, stomach, esophagus, duodenum, pancreas, liver, breast, colon)

Poliphenols are also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral.

Dr. Capece Pierpaolo