The “Ventomare” oil is produced by the  Crocco family, for generations. Crocco family owns large portions of the homonymous district also called “Madonna del Puleggio” to the presence of an ancent ruined chapel of probable Byzantine origins.  The olive groves of Vincenzo e Maurizio Crocco consist of 145 trees in a flat field recently planted (F17 particle 192) behind a pine wood and of 74 trees in high steepness soil (F21 particle 64) of older plant.  These groves are located in the Maurizio Crocco & Co. Angels Farm (namesake cousin of Maurizio Crocco), producing fine quality of red wines, such as Matinone (primitivo) Sulco (aglianico ) and il Brigante (merlot) and white wines, such as Ventomare (chardonnay and malvasia).

The Ventomare land, 18 km away from the Ionian Sea coast, is characterized by favorable conditions: microclimatic conditions (for the elevated position and open to beneficial influences of the sea) and the soil quality. Olive trees do not undergo any treatment, because immune from pests attack, they are not watered for the presence of a flap in the district also witnessed by the presence of many old wells that have always ensured the cultivation and the human settlement. The district, in fact, besides the ruins of the chapel is full of clay fragments attributable to the V III century BC and stone slabs “carparo” probably belonged to necropolis of the same period of Greek civilization.

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The Nivuori company

The Nivuori company, founded and directed by the agronomist Maurizio Nivuori, supported by his wife Alba, is located in the municipality of Montalbano Ionico, at 292 meters above sea level, in the province of Matera . the farm is certified organic since the early 90’.

Maurizio has planted, a few years ago, nine hectares in Pantano district, with 3600 olive trees cultivars Ogliarola Bradanica, Corato, Leccino and Piccoline, more than two years he has created a mill Amenduni forefront of the technology with a continuous process in which take place also stoned machine.

Tradition combined with innovation, has produced an oil absolutely true and generous in flavor and aroma.